Are you looking for skilled students or fresh graduates?

IAESTE Slovakia organizes career fairs iKariera Days of Opportunities every year right in the buildings of technical universities in 5 different cities. It is the largest project of its kind in Slovakia. If students majoring in science and technology are your target group, this is the right event for your company. The career fairs are held on the following dates*:

29.10. 2019FIIT Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
5.11. 2019University of Žilina
19.11. 2019Technical University of Košice

With years of experience, IAESTE Slovakia offers professional organization, with strong attention to detail to fit your individual needs. That is why our career fairs are so popular among companies and students.

Get in touch with students

Career fairs iKariera Days of Opportunities can help your company representatives connect with the students directly through dialogues and company presentation in a modern lecture room.

Your company profile in the hands of students throughout the year

IAESTE Katalóg Job is a catalogue with company profiles and career opportunities, all done in a professional graphic design. We hand out 10,000 of these catalogues per year to students at every IAESTE event in Slovakia. The issue also includes useful articles for students, like tips for a first job interview and success stories.

Deadline for ordering Katalóg Job 2019 is 1 February 2019. Don’t miss your chance to present your company to students throughout the year.

For more information please contact our National Secretary: peter.pacak@iaeste.sk or Vice president for projects tomas.farkasovsky@iaeste.sk.

*Deadline for ordering is 14 days before the scheduled event.